E/2 (sometimes E/2 MSX technology) is an interoperability function featuring a wireless communication protocol between cooking appliances and cookware.

E/2 is proprietary, open-access wireless cooking sensor network.

E/2 is a wireless multisensor technology and comes with protocol software universal for stoves with all types of energy (induction, gas, electric) and all possible accessories such as universal sensors with E/2 add-in, plug-in for healthy steam cooking, boiling control, pressure cooking, sous vide cooking, wok and all other.

E/2 proprietary wireless communication guarantees an automatically controlled hob operation, without the presence of user.

E/2 makes real automatic cooking possible with closed loop regulation.

It encourages interoperability and open-access to data between manufacturers of cooking hobs and manufacturers of pots (stainless still, enamel, aluminium etc). Sensors are built into the cooking hob and into the pot lid, handle … All sensors regulate the progress in the pot. The operation of the sensors is monitored by the cooking hob electric circuit. Intelligent E/2 technology provides automatic operation and completely eliminates the direct supervision of the cooking process.

By adjusting the cooking energy, the cooking hob optimizes energy consumption to afford substantial energy savings of at least 5O%!

E/2 technology is fitted to the PCB controller inside the hob. Through these incorporated sensors in the controller, E/2 regulates how much energy is required to achieve boiling and maintain simmer far more accurately than traditional manual intervention.

E/2 lid sensors can either be incorporated into the lid handle design or used via a universal device that attaches to the pot lid or to the pan handle.