Time, in addition to health, is the most important factor for humans. It is not possible to stop, accumulate or repeat it. In today’s fast paced life we miss time the most.

With E/2 sensors you can have a home cooked meal with very little time. Due to the fully automatic, controlled and safe cooking process, you can save up to 80% of your time, which is invaluable to each of us.

E/2 sensors allow the food to be cooked in its own juice. In this way, cooked food retains most of the vitamins, minerals and nutritious ingredients which are very important for our health. Due to the residual number of minerals in food, less salt is added, which is important for our cardiovascular system.

E/2 sensors optimize the use of the energy required for each cooking process. Complete optimization of that energy enables savings of minimum 50% and with longer cooking processes the energy savings increase further. In particular, steam cooking has energy savings up to 80%.

This is eco-cooking and has an incredibly revolutionary and positive impact on our environment.

Using wireless communication, the E/2 sensors will regulate the energy for cooking process and react properly.

Food will not be overcooked or burned. E/2 sensors will recognize the boiling point and with automatic process regulate the energy so that cooking will be without unnecessary and unpleasant steam. Sensors will perceive the liquid vapour and automatically switch off the hob to prevent burning of food and with this bringing a full safety fire protection.