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cooking 20,000 years of history without any changes in regula on of fire in cooking! history best achievement in regula on un l today is called the Chef mode. Even the best chefs today remove the pot from the heat source when less energy is needed in the process of cooking. The Producers of cookware ignore the ques on of energy savings. This has become a standard behaviour. Evolution is here! E/2 technology brings automa c regula on of energy in cooking! Any hob, any cookware! Understanding cooking What is automatic cooking? Cooking is the art of preparing food for consump on with the use of heat. OXFORD DICTIONARY: Heat and temperature are the most misunderstood terms in laboratories of hob producers. Heat is the energy that flows to au·to·mat·ic the food and temperature is a measure how that heat flows. Amount of energy that is needed to cook from a scien fic point adjec ve of view depends on: specific heat of food which is heat needed to heat a 1 kg of food for 1° and latent heat of vaporisa on of 1 (Of a device or process) working by itself with li le or no water has even bigger influence. Heat flow depends on many factors as well as it does on the temperature. Transfer of energy direct human control: can be in different thermal processes (conduc on, convec on, radia on) and also the phase change by boiling, simmering, an automa c ke le that switches itself off when it boils mel ng are not so simple. Determining the cooking me is a nightmare of science oriented chefs. Cooking me is MERRIAM-WEBSTER DICTIONARY: propor onal to the square of radius of food and inversely propor onal to the square of the difference in the temperature. au·to·mat·ic adjec ve Food heats up and it is said that the food is cooked when it has been on higher temperature for a specified period of me. 1 of a machine or device : having controls that allow something Usually cookery books are imprecise when talking about the heat and the temperature (low heat, middle level, high to work or happen without being directly controlled by a temperature...) person No overboiling or burning! 2 having a self-ac ng or self-regula ng mechanism CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY: au·to·mat·ic adjec ve 1 able to operate independently of human control: au·to·mat·ic adjec ve 1 a. Ac ng or opera ng in a manner essen ally independent of external influence or control b. Self-regula ng: an automa c washing machine. 2. (General Engineering) a. (of a device, mechanism, etc) able to ac vate, move, or regulate itself
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