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E/2 msx technology Revolutionary smart cooking! we take it further E/2 (some mes E/2 MSX technology) is an interoperability Opera on of the sensors built into the cooking hob and in the pot func on featuring a wireless communica on protocol between lid, both checking the progress in the pot, is monitored by the cooking appliances and cookware. cooking hob electronic circuit. Intelligent technology provides automa c opera on and completely eliminates the direct supervision of the cooking process. E/2 is proprietary open access wireless cooking sensor network technology. By adjus ng the cooking energy, the cooking hob op mizes energy consump on to afford substan al energy savings of at E/2 is a wireless mul sensor technology and comes with least 50 %! protocol so ware universal for stoves with all types of energy (induc on, gas, electric) and all possible accessories like universal sensors with E/2 add-in, plug-in for healthy steam cooking, connects all boiling control, presure cooking, sous vide cooking, wok and all other. E/2 propriatery wireless communica on quarantees complete E/2 technology is fi ed to the PCB / controller within the hob. Via automa cally controlled hob opera on, without the presence of mul sensors incorporated in the controller, E/2 regulates how user. much energy is required to provide the heat to achieve boiling then how much energy con nues to be required to maintain E/2 makes real automa c cooking possible with closed loop simmer, far more accurately than tradi onal manual interven on. regula on. The E/2 lid sensors can either be incorporated into the lid handle It encourages interoperability and open-access to data between manufacturers of cooking hobs and manufacturers of pots design or used via a universal device which a aches to the pot lid (stainless s ll, enamel, aluminum......). or into the pan handle.
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