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E/2 msx technology we take it further E/2 takes the cooking experience Now however, thanks to E/2 a revolu onary technology that can be installed in new cooker hobs, [electric, induc on and gas] the energy saving hob has become a reality. to a whole new dimension! Delivering a saving of up to 50% depending on the type of food being cooked, E/2 was developed following the discovery sensor is then run through algorithms in the that significant energy savings can be achieved. Data gathered from the E/2 so ware of the hob controller which regulates precisely the amount of energy required. Revolu onary, patented mul sensor technology E/2, less time, less energy developed exclusevely for cooking, is based on sensors which enable completely automa c regula on of cooking processes and gives you me for other ac vi es without worries of overboiling or burning food while saving energy. Climate change is now a recognised global issue, 'energy efficiency' is no longer just a fashionable phrase, but has The new E/2 technology also has another significant prac cal become a serious considera on for governments, advantage: as the controller automa cally regulates the businesses and consumers alike. Even though the majority energy, the cooker can be le una ended during the cooking of domes c appliances, such as washing machines, process without fear of overcooking or burning the food. dishwashers and refrigerators have all achieved through development some improvement in energy efficiency, Several user preset cooking modes allow addi onal simplicity there remains one very energy-intensive appliance which, in cooking and bring home-cooking and kitchen into the to date, has had few alterna ves: the cooker. center of the family.
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